About OMsignal

At OMsignal, we believe that greatness comes from within. We seamlessly weave technology into life by designing beautiful and functional smart apparel to help people live active, fit and healthy lives. With OM’s technology, clothes can read the body’s deepest signals, interpret them into actionable insights, and then wirelessly communicate them directly to your mobile device. OM is the maker of OMbra, the world’s smartest sports bra, and the biometric technology powering OMrun, the mobile app experience for mindful running. We also power leading apparel brands with our proprietary platform, serving as the smart textile and software technology behind Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech collection, which launched at the US Open.

OM is based in Montreal, the global hub for smart textile innovation. It is backed by leading venture capital funds from the US, Canada, and Asia, OM is comprised of a multidisciplinary and diverse team of smart textile engineers and designers, software and hardware engineers, biomedical and sports scientists, mobile UX developers, as well as active apparel marketers.