Job Openings

We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions:


To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to Note that only selected candidates will be contacted.


PS: Les CVs en français sont acceptés.

Site Reliability Engineer

We are looking for a Site Reliability Engineer who can help us operate and scale a reactive, event-driven system based on bleeding edge technologies (Scala, Akka, Spray, Reactive Programming, iOS, Swift, Docker…), a modern architectural style (Micro Services, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Eventual Consistency), and a clean codebase (Clean Code, Domain Driven Design…).


We currently use the following technologies:

  • Backend: Scala, Akka, Akka Persistence, Spray, ReactiveMongo, SBT, Kafka, ZooKeeper
  • Web: NodeJS, ReactJS
  • iOS: Swift, Objective C, ReactiveCocoa, Core Bluetooth, CocoaPods
  • DevOps: Ubuntu, Docker, Ruby, Amazon AWS/EC2
  • Source code management: git/github
  • Agile project management: JIRA, Confluence

On the DevOps side of the things, we use Docker and Ruby to automate everything on AWS/EC2. We orchestrate our Docker-ready micro services using an internal Ruby tool that we call OMfleet, based on the ideas of CoreOS’s fleet and We use InfluxDB for time series and metrics, and Elastic Search for monitoring.

Operational constraints are a first-class citizen in our development process and taking care of them is part of our definition of DONE. In terms of our culture, we get some inspiration from the Open Source model, to achieve high cohesion (within teams) and low coupling (between teams): small, empowered teams, systematic pull requests, developer autonomy.


Your qualifications and experience:

  • A university degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • A solid background in networking technologies (e.g., TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP/S, load balancing and reverse proxying, DNS, ssh)
  • Knowledge of how to secure public facing servers and cloud infrastructure
  • Experience using Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean, RackSpace or Microsoft Azure is a plus
  • Experience managing multiple data-centres is a plus
  • Knowledge and interest in Docker, Ruby, or Consul is a plus

We are not recruiting based on specific technology experience, but you are expected to be able to quickly contribute.


Your skills:

  • Passionate and energetic about what you do
  • Self-motivated and resourceful
  • Approach technical challenges with an open mind and desire to innovate
  • Appreciate great design and thrive in a creative environment
  • Have strong communicative skills
  • Are flexible and adaptable to both organizational and project-level changes
  • Can operate under tight deadlines
  • Like to build software as part of a team
  • Using applications to track yourself and life is a plus
  • Practising yoga or other wellbeing practices is a plus


Show us what you can do:
If you have a github/bitbucket account, we would love to take a look at what you like to do (and if you’re not thrilled with it in retrospect, don’t worry! Simply explain to us what you’d improve if you were to do it now!)

Apr. 28, 2018