Game-Changing Technology

OMsignal is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with comfortable apparel that allows us to track and monitor anyone’s cardiac and/or pulmonary condition while they go about their everyday lives.

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Athletes and their trainers will be thrilled to know that we can take anyone’s performance and training to the next level with hyper-accurate self-monitoring capabilities embedded in the clothing they already wear.

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OMsignal is allowing people to empower themselves by taking their health into their own hands. You can now track your vitals, get live insights, warnings, share your data with your loved ones and take care of them from anywhere.

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Capturing Personalized Biometric Data for Optimal Health

In the health industry, the lack of contextualized, accurate, relevant and regular data, especially biometrics, is one of the key obstacles to leveraging the rich capabilities of AI’s machine learning abilities and techniques.

Created by world-leading scientists and engineers and made with high quality fabric for optimal comfort, OMsignal’s machine washable and affordable apparel now makes it possible to collect vast amounts of medical-grade biometrics and contextualized data, unlocking AI in Health and Wellness for all.

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Did you know that heart disease kills more women than breast cancer, and more women than men?

With our most recent study, MyHeart, we are now allowing scientists to track and collect data remotely – from anywhere – over any given period over time.

Heartbeats recorded


Breaths recorded


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