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From the catwalk to the treadmill Whether your core business focus is skiing, yoga, spinning, crossfit, cycling, running or other, OMsignal provides an integrated and tailored platform to scale your smart apparel line. Partner with OM
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OMSignal Smart Shirt

The OM Smart Shirt is like no other shirt you’ve ever experienced. From its conductive yarn to its light yet durable smart fabric, it’s a revolution in both technology and performance sportswear.

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OMSignal Smart Box

Containing the most advanced data reading technology, your OM Smart Box plugs straight into your shirt and streams your live data to your OM app – in real time.

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OMSignal Smart App

A sleek, easy to use interface displays all your live data including your resting, live and peak heart rates, breaths per minute, calories burnt and steps taken. It even measures your Push score - the intensity you put into every exercise.

Having all this data visible as you exercise allows you to see your progress, respond instantly and get more out of every workout.

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